8 Ways to Green Up Eating Out

Posted on February 27, 2016

According to CBC, more than 31 billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year in Canada. While eating at home allows us to have more control over the food choices we make, we couldn’t give up an occasional meal out, so here are 8 green tips you can take with you to the restaurant:

1. Transportation: You can save emissions before you even get to the restaurant by walking or taking public transit.

2. Seafood: Seafood has some great certifications, so you know you’re supporting a healthy ocean. Seachoice is the organization to learn the best fish to eat, and watch out for Oceanwise certifications right on restaurant menus. 

3. Ask Questions: Chat to your servers about where the restaurant’s food comes from, and how they dispose of waste. Managers might take more notice of their practices if they know customers are interested. It’s also good to ask how big the servings are.

4. Eat Local: Choosing locally owned restaurants supports yyc’s economy and often they source locally too. REAP has a wonderful list of local restaurants. We also recommend Ox & Angela and UNA Pizza + Wine (delish!).

5. Order Wisely: Try to order what you know you’ll be able to eat. For example, salads or fries are not that great the next day and often come in large portions. You might consider ordering one side between two people, which can also save you money.

6. Take it Home: If you can’t finish it, take it home for another meal the next day. Ask your server for minimal packaging, or if you’re taking a big enough bag, bring a clean empty reusable container.

7. Try to order vegetarian: Vegetarian meals have less of an impact on global emissions, and often restaurants make their vegetarian dish unique and extra tasty!

8. Look for the LEAF: LEAF (Leaders in environmentally Accountable Food Service) certify restaurants that have sustainable food service. You can look up LEAF restaurants in your area online.

We hope your meal out tastes that much better when you know it’s green. For more info on how to support a sustainable food system check out our online guide!