7 Ways to Celebrate Canadian EnviroWeek 2018

Posted on June 4, 2018

Hey Calgary! It's Canadian Environment Week this week and it's a great time to get involved in protecting our environment! We wanted to give you a quick rundown of some things that are happening this week!

Here are 7 ways to celebrate!


Join the Commuter Challenge! The Commuter Challenge started yesterday, but you & your office can still sign up! What a better way to honour the environment than to challenge yourself to do something better for it? You can find info on their website.

Protect your own micro ecosystem! Urban environments have their own life cycles, and you can find these environments in your own backyard! Learn more about your backyard neighbours! Get a bird or insect book (you can borrow these from our library), take a close look at how plants and animals interact in your yard, and maybe you'll even figure out some improvements to your yard!


It's UN World Environment Day! The Alberta Emerald Awards are this evening at Theatre Junction GRAND and Green Calgary is up for an award! You can find out more about the Awards on their website, and be sure to follow the hashtags #EmeraldAwards2018 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find out how things are going!


Clean Air Day! Do something good for the air people breathe, whether that be avoiding using your car this day, or getting a plant for your office, every little bit counts! Let us know what you did on social media with #CleanAirDay!


We're running our Energy Revolution Fair for Jr./Sr. High students this day, alongside the Mayor's Environment Expo! It'll be a huge festival/carnival with all sorts of games, info, and activities geared towards understanding energy, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and more! If you're a teacher of these aged students, or know a teacher for the right age group, there's still an opportunity to sign your students up to attend! More info here.


This is World Oceans Day! The best thing you can do this day to protect the oceans is to avoid single-use plastics. Say no to straws, plastic bags, and food wrappers! Let us know online how you're protecting the oceans this Friday! 


We're wrapping up EnviroWeek this week with one of our last Green Season events! We're at the ATB in Rocky Ridge from 8:30am to Noon! Come check it out! We'll have educators, experts, and a rain barrel sale along with a pop-up shop! Come visit!

There's plenty of other things happening in Calgary this week! Keep your eye out on social media with the hashtag #EnviroWeek and #EnviroWeek2018. Also check our feeds on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram