7 Reasons to Join the Energy Revolution Fair

Posted on March 10, 2017

March is National Youth Science Festival Month and it’s a great time to support youth education and innovation! Our Energy Revolution Fair is coming up this summer (June 8th) and it’s an opportunity for young people to show their great ideas and for experts to share their passions for the environment with youth! Here are 7 reasons why youth and experts should join the Energy Revolution!

1. A bright future. The future of our planet depends on renewable energy, and young people are going to get us there. Starting early in this industry will put youth a step ahead! Experts can get great ideas from the next generation to help kickstart the sector today!

2. Collaboration. Projects are submitted in teams of 3 to 12. Both secondary education and the workforce call for teamwork, and collaborative thinking. It’s also a chance for experts to share ideas with youth!

3. Mentorship. A teacher sponsor must support each team and there are experts speaking and interacting with youth. Finding mentors in life is one of the best ways to grow and achieve goals. Mentoring youth is also a great way to pass your knowledge to the next generation!

4. Presentation. Each student team will have 3 minutes to present their project to a panel of judges. It’s important in life to explain ideas in a quick and simple way. This is also a great chance for experts to poll the next generation for inspiring ideas! You never know who you might be the next innovator!

5. Networking. Meet new peers, possible mentors/mentees in the industry, and potential customers. The opportunities for new and exciting relationships are endless!

6. Creativity. Creativity and innovation are going to solve our global problems. Participants in this competition have the opportunity to think outside the box and use their unique talents. Experts will have the opportunity to show off their creativity, too!

7. Fun. We want everyone to have fun being passionate about the environment! The day of the fair will be exciting too, including green technology demonstrations, tours, & displays!

The fair will highlight Calgary student projects and energy conservation projects, and students will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts. If you'd like to register as a competing team or as a visiting school, click here. If you would like to be an expert speaker, please email education@greencalgary.org

The fair is also running in conjunction with the Mayor’s Environment Expo and students will have the opportunity to visit both events. Find out more about the Energy Revolution!