3 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day 2017!

Posted on March 18, 2017

World Water Day is March 22nd and it’s a great time to remember just why water is such an important topic here in Canada. We’d like to explore some reasons why water should be foremost in your mind this week, and what you can do to help! Here are 3 examples.

1. Waste water. The theme of 2017’s World Water Day is wastewater, and we’re lucky here in Calgary that The City of Calgary does such a good job of treating our wastewater, but it’s easy to forget that treating water comes at a cost. You can help off-set that cost to the city, and by extension its residents, by reducing the water that ends up in the water treatment plant. Low-flush toilets can help immensely, as can taking care of how much water you use when brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

2. Safe drinking water. While the wastewater is managed well in Calgary, there are many places in Canada where it’s a large issue. The Federal government has promised to address unsafe drinking water in over 100 First Nations communities in Canada. You can help by speaking up to keep the government on track. Want to do something more low-key? A recent study saw that most Canadians believe that climate change is our top threat to fresh water, so keeping up your green goals can help too!

3. Water conservation. The reality is that Calgarians use a large amount of their water on yard care and gardens. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your yard green, but you can preserve a large amount of water by having a rain barrel and following our yard care tips0.

So, what else can you do? You can take a look at the projects backed by the RBC Blue Water Project for some ideas. You could also come out to one of our community Rain Barrel Sales and talk to us about water conservation - and maybe walk away with a rain barrel! Help us celebrate World Water Day by saving some water, keeping the conversation going, and making a rain barrel part of your yard plan!